Is there an end in sight?

Nathan Claret


The government wants to ban guns from us citizens but lately it looks like we citizens need guns to protect ourselves from cops.

There is no doubt that America is in civil unrest about the recent killings over the past five years of young black males. While these are tragic, they are only getting on half of the picture. There are thousands of undocumented police murders of every race, age, and even disability. It is a disheartening and sad truth to face that the police officers, the people who are supposed to be protecting us, are so quick to draw on a citizen. A cop gains the upper hand in a situation by installing fear in the individual, it is in police training! So obviously panic and confusion are very reasonable reactions to the techniques they use.

So why do our actions; which are the result of fear that these men and women purposely put in us have to result in our deaths?

Yes, cops are human too, which means they also make human error; but this never needs to be at the expense of an individual’s life.

Take, for instance Keith Vidal, 18.

The cop’s job is not to kill at the first sign of struggle, it is to minimize the situation and restore peace to the community; the last time I checked bullets and death don’t necessarily restore peace and community to anybody. The amount of time these killing take place are in a time frame of only a few minutes. These inexperienced cops go out in the field and are easily shaken by any sign of struggle, confusion or aggression so they immediately retaliate with brutal force. These types of cops should be deemed either too inexperienced for field work or not be given the responsibility to use a firearm at all. US citizens don’t have time for grown men or women who want to live out their childhood dream of playing cops and robbers with sometimes completely innocent people. I have pity on cops that are involved in these cases and everything they get wrapped up in. Because like I said, at the end of the day they are humans too, but it is about time for cops to start taking some serious accountability and responsibility for the power they hold.

Are all cops bad?

Absolutely not. Cops are out there night and day risking their lives and are put in trying situations daily, but it is in their job description to know when it is appropriate for someone to live and someone to die.

It is time for cops to seriously start considering what the situation and its outcome may be before drawing a gun on an individual. It is getting old seeing every cop get away with murder because the courts/judges look at it as necessary action. Cops trigger fingers need to rest, because if this pointless killing continues, just imagine what Ferguson was like but on a national scale.

Ferguson Missouri am i next

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Police killing, beating of civilians raise issue of reasonable force


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